Reading Blog #6

Name: Thomas Lyons Date: 2/2/17

Reading Blog Post - Justify a claim about character or setting.

Clear and Effective communication
  1. Adjust communication to suit the purpose, context, and audience
I can organize my ideas on a topic and communicate them.
I can communicate in a format that is appropriate for my context and audience.
I can communicate with purpose to clearly convey my thinking to the targeted audience.
I can empathize with the needs of my audience and adjust my communication to best fit the context and purpose.

Informed and Integrative Thinking:
A. Use evidence and reasoning to effectively support ideas or solutions.
I can make a claim.
I can support a claim with evidence.
I can use reasoning to show how my evidence supports my claim and inferences.
My reasoning logically and convincingly connects my evidence to my claim, in support of a generalizable truth.  

Claim: Alex Rider is a very brave person and is very heroic

In Alex Rider Scorpia, Anthony Horowitz introduces us to Alex Rider, a teenager growing up in England. He is near the ocean where he likes to spend his time. His school is near his house and he walks to school every day. His uncle died and he has to take his place. His uncle was the father figure in his life and to lose him was crushing. He was very sad until at his uncle's funeral the MI6 recruits him to be a special agent. His caretaker, Jackie doesn't  know if she wants him to do it. He decides to even though this will cause him to miss a lot of school and put his life in danger. Alex Rider is a very brave person and is very heroic.

The first time he shows his bravery is on page 23 when he is biking and he sees his uncle's car being stolen and he says “I won't let them get away!”. He follows these mysterious people in his uncle's car to the junkyard where they try and crumple the car and he gets into the car right as the giant magnet picks it up, so he grabs as many things as possible and gets out. Even though he put himself in immense danger he still did it for his uncle's car. This moment definitely demonstrates his bravery and his heroism.

Throughout the story Alex continually shows his bravery as a new MI6 agent. Even after being warned about the danger he is assigned to go. He goes to a secret lair on top of a remote mountain to a dangerous super villain school where there is a corrupt science laboratory under the school . Alex knows all of this and still goes on the mission. While on his mission he free climbs to the roof from his twenty story room, confronts the villain, almost dies, and then sneaks into the underground laboratory. When he reaches the villain he says “I know you killed my uncle” and he says “you won't get away”. Even when the villain calls his servant over to put Alex in a glass case with the most dangerous animal in it, the jellyfish that with one sting kills you pg 274, Alex escapes and still manages to get away without being killed.

This evidence supports my claim because it shows how brave he is even in the face of danger, Alex still manages to survive and be heroic. The examples above shows the immense bravery required to work for the MI6, and Alex always chose to be brave even when he knew the danger.